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Terrific VOD Market Facts and Figures

Terrific VOD Market Facts and Figures

VOD is the only platform which has the facility to watch the videos at our convenience without considering the considering the broadcasting situation. The given points are the facts about VOD that no one knows before.

Terrific VOD Market Facts and Figures
Terrific VOD Market Facts and Figures

  1. In the year 2012 the BBC iplayer is the only one VOD service in 2012 to 2013
  2. BBC I player in 2012 have achieved nearly 1.89 TV requests
  3. The long form video views for the ITV have recorded as a 500 million views in 2012
  4. In 2012 year the channel four have achieved nearly 460 million views
  5. Lovefilm have achieved 2 million subscribers in 2012
  6. Netflix was also estimated to have more than one million subscribers in UK
  7. The Sky Go users were noted as 4 million in 2012 June
  8. The Youview was available in more than 4 million homes.
  9. Youview have also recorded 2.4m VOD that is playing for a week
  10. Nearly 3% broadcaster viewing was noted in UK
  11. Nearly 7 minutes is an average time that user watches the videos in UK
  12. More than 3 minutes are watching through TV
  13. More than 4 minutes are watching through the Tablets and smart phones today
  14. Measuring the Viewers basing on the views through different devices is the biggest challenge
  15. An average viewer watches more than 7 hours of shows in a month through the VOD broadcasting
  16. In 2013 reports it was revealed that the the programming have increased more than 21 percent
  17. TV is reported as the most comfortable and favourite place to watch VOD
  18. VOD consumption is reported as more than 40 percent via TV set
  19. The consumption of VOD via PC and laptop is recorded as a 38.99 percent
  20. The consumption of VOD through tablets and smart phones are accounted as a 12 and 10 percent


Most of the present TV broadcasters are using this VOD trend as recording option in remote. If anyone missed that video then they can watch later on when they have time to watch.

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