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Shopping Ads – New YouTube Revenue Stream for Creators

YouTube has recently announced the new shopping ad which appears on the content. The shopping ads are creating a new stream for the creators to raise the revenue from them. The shopping ads are very helpful for the brands to reach their targeted audience within a short span. The shopping ads are very helpful for the ecommerce sites to build the community and have better interaction with the people. It also increases the sales leads of the company online.


YouTube is also providing the new mobile optimized cards which helps the creators to get replace their annotations with and boosts the better engagement of the viewers with the new shopping ads. Majority of the publishers are driving with the better revenue from these shopping ads on YouTube platform. The new shopping ads are effecting on various other factors especially on the growth of the Television ads. A survey revealed that more than 45 percent raise has declared on the YouTube are spending their time in watching a variety of videos online.

The new shopping ads on YouTube are the best way to purchase the goods and products online with one click. the ads helps the advertisers to meet their potential customers with the video as the video provides the direct links to the product page of the advertiser to make their buying decision after and during the watching of particular shopping video ads on the YouTube platform. The advertisers only charged if and only if the viewer clicked on to the ad.

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