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Science behind Facebook Video Organic Reach

Facebook is the most engaging platform in the social media. The video has transformed the world of digital advertising and social media platforms. The video had made a great impact on the viewers and as a result increase in the watch time and viewing behavior of the audience. This made the brands build an efficient strategy to reach their target. Even social platforms like Facebook have improved its video features on its platform. The algorithm on Facebook used to change from time to time. And confuses the marketers all the time But, whatever the changes the organic reach of video on Facebook platform was really impressive and marketers tend to utilize the Facebook network to increase their video organic reach.


The science behind the Facebook Video Organic Reach is to expertise the Facebook algorithm. The native Facebook videos are receiving more than 8.8 percent organic reach on the platform. Many people on Facebook were interested in watching the video posts and the native content plays vital role to grab the attention of the audience. The native video content is nothing but the content that was uploaded onto the platform directly and that type of content will be rewarded by the algorithm and has great organic reach.

Nearly 6 percent Fan reach an average was noticed on Facebook platform. The managing of the videos in the newsfeed and attracting the audience to reach the content is the best way to go with better organic reach. The marketers can promote their video posts on their news feeds as well as on their friend’s wall. Facebook ecosystem provides various new ad formats, video posts etc which can increases the exposure and reach.

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