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Programmatic Mobile Video Ads – The Next Big Thing

Programmatic Mobile Video Ads - The Next Big Thing

The art of advertising has seldom been correctly understood. Thousands upon thousands of advertising firms break their heads on how to bring about a revolution in their ad campaigns. They employ various strategies to bring about increase of viewership to their websites or TV commercials. But have they embraced the online demographic yet? Have they fully utilized the power that the internet has in bringing about a huge change to their existing clientele? Moreover, with the heavy influx of smartphones in the market, companies need to cash in on this platform as well to promote their products.

Programmatic is one of the hottest buzzwords in today’s advertising market, and with good reason. According to new figures, US programmatic digital display ad spending will grow 137.1% to eclipse $10 billion this year, accounting for 45.0% of the US digital display advertising market. 2014 has seen the most dramatic growth and expansion in programmatic advertising to date, and we expect significant increases ahead as well as continued maturation in both mobile and video advertising. You can expect spending to increase another 47.9% next year and to double this year’s total by 2016, when it will reach $20.41 billion, or 63.0% of US digital display ad spending.

As with other digital advertising, much of the growth is coming via the mobile channel. This year, mobile will account for 44.1% of all programmatic display ad spending, or $4.44 billion. It can be projected that mobile will surpass desktop as early as next year, taking 56.2% of all programmatic ad expenditure. This trend is consistent with the digital display ad market overall, which has shifted to mobile rapidly. With this kind of revenue, Programmatic Video is sure to take advertising to a whole new level as it now has viewership in the billions. But wait, did I mention that that statistic was just for mobile? It is.

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