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Pokémon GO – Halloween Is Approaching – YouTube Trending Video

Pokémon GO - Halloween Is Approaching - YouTube Trending Video

Hi all, for today Pokemon Go Channel wins YouTube trending race in the United States. With a Subscribers list of just 68k+ and a simple 31 sec video, they are able to reach 375,667+ views.

Pokemon Go Game has a very good fan following and the concept of celebrating the most loved festival Halloween with this app made people go crazy. Especially the kids fond of this festival are waiting eagerly to celebrate it in a new way using this app. So this time Halloween is not only for kids, different age groups can try celebrating Halloween in a different wayfinding demons using this app.

Coming to the analysis part according to us the things which made this video popular are:

  • The craze for Pokemon Go Game and Haloween in the United States.
  • People loved the new way of celebrating Halloween with technology.
  • Video’s title “Pokemon Go-Halloween is approaching…” made a good attraction.
  • Pokemon’s timely launch of this video during the festival season made it reach the top.
  • Another important factor to reach YouTube Trending .This Video is under Gaming Category.
  • This video has true YouTube Engagement with the total of 8k+ YT Engagements.
  • This video has an awesome Facebook Engagement with the total of 4.8k+ Facebook Engagements.
  • This Video has 1.7k+ Reddit UpVotes

Overall Total Social Media Engagement of the Video is around 15.8K+ with an estimated earning of $563.50+

It’s a true Social Media Power which made this video into YouTube Trending Charts.

Stats Source : VidIQ

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