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Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile phone usage has greatly increased across the globe. Everyone was going with the smart devices as they become part of our life. People become interested in various applications that are developed by the developers and utilizing them for their needs and Today, there is great change with the development of the various platforms on mobile phones. When comes to the video advertising, it becomes most effective form of advertising online. Marketers are switching towards the mobile video advertising efficiently as audiences are interested in watching the videos via mobile devices. Many research reports were also revealed the statistical data behind the mobile video advertising across the globe.

  • It was reported that more than 60 percent viewers were watching the videos via mobile phones
  • More than 98 percent people using mobile video viewing sharing videos to others
  • More than 72 percent marketing professionals are reported that video become the most effective medium via mobile
  • More than 300 percent marketers were getting their best expected click rates when they are including the video in their mobile marketing strategy
  • More than 73 percent consumers are showing their interest in buying the products after watching the product related videos via mobile devices
  • More than 90 percent marketers are connected with the mobile apps for their mobile video advertising to reach the millions of people online.
  • More than 89 percent people in US were watching the videos using the smart phones with the data plans along with other countries too.
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