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Meerkat Live Streaming App Features

Meerkat is a live streaming app which works with the iphone and ipad. It was get integrated it the Twitter platform and within a short span it was acquired more than 120,000 users. The app turned viral and many people were connected with the app and interested in its features. But, later the Twitter came up with the new periscope applications which become a rival with the Meerkat and it kept limits for the Meerkat which have integrated and turning the Twitter followers to the app users of Meerkat.

Features of Meerkat App

Meerkat is very easy to use and as the videos are the most effective and attractive media online, people turned towards the video streaming apps. The Meerkat app allows the user to tweet the live streaming video on Twitter and the followers of the user can receive their live streaming on their Twitter news feed. And the new features are developing which will allow the users to watch the live streams later after the live. The videos can be saved and republish by using the Meerkat application.

The users were allowed to scroll up and can comment the videos into the stream and also there is a possibility of sharing outside the Twitter too. Everyone can watch your live stream on web by adjusting the privacy options. Your videos can be notified to your Twitter followers in real time. Now, marketers are planning their strategies on Meerkat and also kept an eye on Twitters’ latest “Periscope app” for their marketing.

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