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Leveraging YouTube Creator Outreach Campaign

The word Outreach usually stems from the intent to permeate through a specific environment or community in order to bring awareness regarding something that is of paramount importance to any living being. Different methods of outreach are targeted towards different sets of audience and that’s where concepts like advertising and marketing stem from. There are many levels of outreach, and brands shouldn’t be afraid to contact those in their community who they feel would positively respond to that outreach. Don’t just reach out to a big-name YouTube Channel just because they are a big name. Take the time to search for channels and creators that have a solid, engage community around them that may actually benefit you more in the long run. Brands should also be prepared to give as much control as possible to the creator. If there is payment involved, then of course both parties should work together on an approval process. But, if the brand is relying on the goodwill of the creator, it pays not to stifle them.


Of course, creators should also reach out to brands if they feel strongly enough about a product or service that they want to promote it. The world of the internet is to do one thing and one thing only. Connect people to people and brands to brands and companies to companies and so on and so forth. Never before in the history of mankind has man ever had the chance to reach the whole world without moving an inch. It is now possible with today’s technology. YouTube not only allows you to post videos of everything ranging from why your dog’s hair turned green when a particular soap was applied to why the rocket that left NASA never reached its destination. But the buck doesn’t stop there. People on YouTube are available to help and help they will only if someone asks. So, don’t look back or be disappointed. All you have to do is just ASK.

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