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Introduction to Google Chromebit

Technology was developing day by day and tech scientists were working on the macro tech gadgets to micro size and compressing them with updated system along with increasing efficiency. In early days, Computer was just looks like a whole room and later it turned desktop and changed from generations to generation and stood in front of us in a palmtop’s and simply occupied our pockets. Don’t be surprised! That in further generations we can see a PC which looks like a cigar stick. Google had partnered with the Asus for building the computers in a stick format in which it runs with the Chrome operating system which was going to launch as a competition to Intel’s compute stick Family.


The pocket Sized PC’s are on run with the mobile grade hardware and the Google Chromebit was designed with the ARM powered devices of Android at best price and using quad core Rock chip. The Chromebit can be plugged into the TV and one can manage the software just like in Your PC. It is expected to be less than 100 $ in cost. The Google operating system runs the Chromebit; it is similar to the chromecast which is useful for the streaming of internet. It reduces the dependence of business and schools on PC. It is also a well secured device with an inexpensive PC hardware. It is very easy to operate just easier than projector or operating a laptop. The chromebit was launching as a competition to the Intel’s stick.

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