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How to use TrueView for Mobile App Promotion

TrueView for Mobile App Promotion

Youtube was offering new advertising tools for the marketers to reach the targeted audience using these ad formats. The online audiences were also allowed to make purchases of various products that are exposed to ad When comes to the promotion of the apps, marketers are targeting the advertising basing on the audience interests. The app installations were increased than previous year and marketers are targeting the people with app promotion strategies. The Trueview ads are very useful for the app promotion.

TrueView for Mobile App Promotion

TrueView for Mobile App Promotion

How to promote the app using Trueview

The attribution analytics and the Google ad words are get integrated for the Trueview mobile app promotion. It allows the promotion of the app which has the ability to utilize the cost per installation type of model. The integration can be done for android as well as for the iOS platform. The true view ads on Youtube are the best for app promotions.

The TrueView ads can be classified into two types such as in-stream ads and TrueView display ads. The in-stream video ads are generally played before the videos on the Youtube platform as well as the Google display network. The in-stream video ads can be skipped after five seconds. The app can be promoted by using the short trailers which can grab the audience towards you and helps you to reach the objective.

The true view ads in stream format are generally seen on watch pages across the Google display network. The advertiser can be charged if and only if the viewer has watched 30 seconds of the video content. the app can be promoted by the creation of the attractive trailers and teasers along with the app reviews and usage videos. so, you can make a perfect teaser or trailer to promote the application using the Trueview ads. The true view in display ad format is the second one in the true view ad formats. This format is generally used to promote the video to the next of Youtube video. It can appear during the search across the website content across the Google display network.

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