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How to Backup All Your YouTube Videos


YouTube is the best platform that holds dozens of videos in it. Sometimes you save your uploaded videos to your computer. If you miss the content or some reasons your YouTube account may terminate, but you need the video content to get it back. To download all YouTube videos it has some limitations. Another reason is when you upload your videos, YouTube convert videos to its own format that may cause loss of quality.

“Google Takeout” is the latest suite to download or backup all your YouTube videos.You can download all your original videos with full quality and whenever you want to download. Here is the step by step process to backup all your YouTube videos.

Procedure To Backup your YouTube Videos:

First, log into your “Google Accounts”. After that type on URL bar “

Click “Next” and select “Choose Services” on the takeout navigation bar.

Google takeout window select the type of service among all the google takeout services.

Select a service “YouTube” from the window or else you can directly go to the YouTube Exports page by clicking on the link

After loading the page you will see the estimated size and number of the file to download or backup data.

Click on “Create Archive “, after that choose an option “Email me when get ready” to get the notification.

When all it’s done, you will get a link to download the videos, as just link get a link to upload videos to your YouTube account.

Previously Google allows you to download one video at a time to the file manager, but now it’s different. You can download a bunch of files altogether one time to download.

When downloading the video files through Google takeout we should have an idea about this google takeout suite.

This will allow you to download all your own uploaded videos, it does not allow the people to download others uploaded a file.

Google takeout gives you the high-quality original videos which you have uploaded to your account. The downloading time may vary depending on the size and number of files to download.

Make sure that you have enough space to download the files in your hardware or a computer.


Every Company or an organization should have a YouTube account. The Company’s data is held in videos format. Suppose your YouTube account is hacked by some other persons or your account is terminated by yourself only, you need to get back your video content. This is an ultimate guide to backup all your YouTube videos.

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