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How Big Brands are using Snapchat Discover

Big Brands are using Snapchat Discover

Snapchat is the popular media sharing application and connective platform in the form of application. It is the most engaging application in which it has acquired the appreciations of some millions of users, advertisers and brands too. The platform was always creates some sensation by implementation of the new features and opened the doors for creative advertising on its platform. Snapchat has started the vertical video advertising which has turned s a new trend in the video advertising and marketing on mobile. Even the video giant YouTube platform was also planning to implement the same vertical format on its platform. Snapchat users are also increased and it has earned some millions of active users on its platform.

Big Brands are using Snapchat Discover

Big Brands are using Snapchat Discover

Snapchat has many different features which are interesting as well as very impressive for the users and brands too. Snapchat’s new discover feature is one of the biggest update on its platform. The platform was allowing the users to access the news in the form of Snapchat stories. The platform has partnered with the several top companies. The users can just swipe on the right to access the stories menu where the user can just tap on to the media logos to jump into the stories. The feature also includes the integration of the ads in which the sponsor includes in the story of the channel which allows the brand advertising on the Snapchat.

Brands are using the Snapchat discover feature as it creates the best experience in full screen graphics and the animation with text overlays which are very impressive for the brands to advertising on the Snapchat discover feature. Instead of purchasing the ad space, brands are prefer to create the campaign on discover through on Snapchat. Brands are involved on the placing their ads by choosing the best channel to meet the audience in a right way. Many top brands are already got succeeded with the Snapchat discover feature.

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