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Guide to use YouTube as a Social Commerce Platform

YouTube as a Social Commerce Platform

YouTube is not just a video platform as it is the social networking platform which has great user engagement. More than 80 percent people across the globe are using the YouTube platform frequently. YouTube platform is very different and has unique advertising approaches with different ad formats for the marketers and advertisers. It allows the advertisers to reach the potential audience across the platform. The marketers and individuals are using the YouTube as the Social commerce platform. Here is a good guide to know how to use the YouTube platform as a social commerce platform.

YouTube as a Social Commerce Platform

YouTube as a Social Commerce Platform

Don’t forget to begin your marketing after researching keywords and reviewing other related videos.

Research on keywords and generate new and unique key wording that are relevant to your niche. Add the keywords in the metadata and include them in Titles and tags on YouTube videos. YouTube is the best social platform too as the audience get interacted with videos and can suggest some things via comments section.

Use the ecommerce ads efficiently

The platform has introduced new video ads called as Shoppable video ads which allows the marketers to place the products within the videos which takes the audience towards the product buying page which increases the conversions of the market. Some ads like True view can charge the marketer’s if and only if the audience have watched the ad more than five seconds. According to the survey reports, it was revealed that the skippable ads on YouTube platform have more conversions than any other ads.

Interact on YouTube with live stream hosting

Go o with some live shows and interacted with the audience in live comments section on YouTube platform. it is one of the best way to interact with the audience and know their suggestions and expectations from your brand which helps you to gain more exposure across the platform.

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