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GoPro 360-degree Video Beginners Guide

GoPro 360-degree Video Beginners Guide

The 360-degree video has become the latest trend across the web. These new video formats can be shot from the specialized cameras that are now available in various marketplaces. The 360-degree videos are the next big thing in advertising across the web. The GoPro along with the Google has made best 360 video technologies. The GoPro was already big in a market for the high definition cameras and now with the camera that was designed for the 360-degree videos is trending in a market. Many people didn’t know the complete things about the GoPro 360 degree camera and here is the beginners guide on GoPro 360 degree video.

There different types of GoPro 360 cameras. The hardware and the software you need to shoot for your first 360-degree video are the 6 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras and the Freedom360 mount for the setup. The ratio must be three by four and can’t use the sixteen by nine as it might not be circular and instead looks like a rectangle view. There will be several different settings like 960p, 1440 P or 2.7K etc for different ratio modes and the frame rates on every single camera. Make sure you fix the same settings on all cameras.

Ue the GoPro Wi-Fi remote link, so that you can just make one click to start at the same time. But, a camera does not actually start at one go and there may be some millisecond gap. There is two methods can use. One is after hitting the record button and wait few seconds for synchronization and the other is to pick up a mountain and spin around and that hits the tripod. You can use other simple settings which are user-friendly and easy to go with.

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