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Globally, 90% of apps downloaded are free and this number is only increasing. Ads are the fuel for this free app ecosystem. Both new & experienced app developers are looking for the highest paying ads that are relevant for their users. Users Love Video Ads. For instance, a player may watch a video ad for a game because they’re incentivized to earn a reward, such as virtual currency. Then, after they watch the ad, they may tap on a button to download that game in the video ad or share the video with a friend. That secondary act is non-incentivized, so the player only takes that action if they really want to do so.

Mobile App Video Monetization

A mobile application is always developed for two purposes – Either just for learning or it is for earning. If it’s for learning there is no way to worry. However if it’s for Earning then Mobile app monetization factor comes into the picture significantly. If a Mobile application developer wants some serious earning out of his app, #monetization is the thing he needs to be more focused upon. However it’s no walk in the park as not every developer on Android or iOs platform generates significant amount of revenue and achieve the results like that of Angry Birds or Whatsapp. An app should always meet both the user and ROI expectations. This can be done through a correct app monetization strategy. 

A lot of developers generally neglect quality mobile advertising schemes as an important money-making plan due to lack of competitive knowledge on the advertising and the media space.For an increase in ROI, there should be a correct understanding of the purpose of the app, the type of the app as well the market and the customers targeted. A compelling mobile app has a value itself however every other application has a price value which can be churned out and unlocked through the apt mobile app monetization strategy and in app advertisements.

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