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Getting Started with Looping Videos on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing platform owned by the Facebook. It has great popularity across the web as many marketers were also approached the Instagram platform with the Hyperlapse video application via mobile devices. More than 300 million users are there on Instagram platform. Instagram has changed its video settings for its users in which the videos will be going to loop on Instagram platform.


The looping video feature has already experienced by many of us on Vine platform. Now as a competition, Instagram was stepping towards infinite looping videos on its platform. The new software update has the ability to remove or pause the videos. so, there will not be any sound turn off and on. This feature is very helpful for the brands to make their marketing with more videos. the users also didn’t charged much by watching looping videos whereas they will not consume more data charges.

Looping videos are popular feature and favorable to the advertisers where they can get high number of plays for give video. The advertisers can translate it into the higher ad spend with more incoming revenue from the same clients. The Autoplay videos are at the present trend in most of the platforms today. Now the Instagram platform was providing the 15 seconds video length. Now it is easier to the users to share their videos to their friends and family without manual restarting the videos. the new feature is very much beneficial to the advertisers, brand marketers which can increase their video views than before.

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