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Getting Started with Firefox Hello Video Calls

Firefox Hello Video Calls

Firefox browser is one of the well-known browsers for windows. The Firefox is the most flexible and east to use the browser with many features. The browser has launched a new feature called “Firefox Hello”. The new feature is trending across the web which allows the Firefox users to make a voice and video calls for free directly from the browser. The users just need a web camera, microphone and the main requirement is the latest version of the Firefox. In order to call friends via Firefox browser, you just need the WebRTC technology which helps you to communicate using the browser and there is no need for any other software.

Quick and easy to share

It is easy and fast to share your ideas and as well as to send the invitations to the friends. Even the users can shop with the friends in real-time without any hassles. With one simple click, the users can send the invitations to the friends without any login and passwords or any other extra accounts and related downloads.

Start conversations with Firefox hello feature

The Hello feature is one of the cross-platform videos chatting service which allows the users to make free voice and video calls without any software requirement or downloads. By clicking on to the ‘chat bubble’ which is present under the customized menu, you can launch into the conversations. The hello button will turn blue in colour if your friend had joined you as an alert. The blue dot will indicate the active conversation. The users can simply click on to the hang up after finishing the conversation on hello.

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