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Fifty Shades Darker

We are familiar with the world stunning movies like fifty shades of grey and fifty shades freed. These movies have created their brand in Hollywood.
Again with the same author E.L.James has followed the Fifty Shades Darker of same characters like Anastasia Steele, Christian Grey and Jack Hyde. These people play the main role in this movie.

We’ve known that Anastasia and Christian have fed up with their love and Anastasia joined as the personal assistant of Jack.

Christian wants to get back her and she agrees with that, but on some conditions like no rules, no punishments and no secrets.

Now they together have started starts their new life and they are in the good relationship. But Jack starts harassing her by creating some disturbance of destroying the car.

Unrevealed Suspense in the Story:

This makes her unhappy and at the end, she aims a gun at someone and Christian Grey comes in front of her.

This remained as suspense in this movie that whom she is going to kill and to get rid of our anxiety we should watch this romantic and unexpected story in theaters.

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