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Exclusive Interview with Max Brudvig – Director of Chicago Video Advertising & Analytics

Chicago Video Advertising

Here is the Exclusive Interview of Max Brudving, The Director of Chicago Advertising & Analytics. We have listed the conversation, know additional fascinating inside of Chicago Video Advertising & Analytics.

Tell me something about your Company Chicago Video Advertising?

My goal with Chicago Video Advertising & Analytics is to create a company that covers the whole process of video advertising online.From video production to implementation on YouTube, Facebook, etc. Many companies only take care of one aspect, and knowing exactly how to use your videos to advertise can be a little tricky. A good ad should be targeted to the right audience, so they aren’t completely annoyed by it. Although I’m sure no one reading this has ever been annoyed by a YouTube ad…

Tell me about your Chicago Video Advertising Services?

We offer video production, implementation in advertising campaigns, and analytics to improve your campaign. Many businesses just want the production done, and that’s fine, but we do offer services on the campaign side too.

What are Video Advertising Industry Trends in the future ?

Holograms will wipe out all video production entirely. Just kidding. I’m really not sure, but it will involve a new technology no one saw coming.

What is Chicago Video Advertising Success Model?

Be friendly and make good videos.

Tell me something about your Chicago Video Advertising process with respect to Video Industry?

Our service is just old school video production, with added knowledge on how videos are consumed online today.

What are the Latest Chicago Video Advertising Services that can help brands?

We offer drone video and 360 virtual reality video production. Drone video has certainly taken off, but I think 360 video needs a bit more time before it’s really a profitable service to offer. They’re both fun though!

How Upcoming Brands can benefit by using your VR 360 Videos?

That’s for the market to decide. But if headsets become more common, someone is going to have to make awesome 360 videos. It will likely be the young brands.

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Thank you “Max Brudvig” for sharing your valuable inputs with ReelnReel Readers.

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