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Evolution of Web Video

Evolution of Web Video

The video has become the integral element on the web. Previously people used to search for the content written in text at top propriety but, today the days are changed with the advent of technology and smart devices in the market. Today, the world was digitalized and everyone was focusing on the video content as main. Now video was started changing its world and formats. There are various formats and different quality based viewing, mobile viewing etc were trending on the web. The web video was transformed into most powerful medium for marketing, education, business and form many other purposes.

Evolution of Web Video

Evolution of Web Video

Great change in numbers

Many things are changed completely with the video, the video giant YouTube platform was evolved in 2005 and its 10 years journey as a video platform has established great formats, types, functionalities, usage of video in different ways. The platform has started different type of approach for the marketers to reach the audience. It was purchased to Google platform in the year 2006. The MiniDV is one of the formats that holds the video for an hour which has posted the video on the web for first time.

Later the ultra HD with digital storage devices had withstood with more than 7 GB and with the advent of cameras and handheld devices in 2010 has changed the digital world to the next stage. Marketers, brands and many other people had started switching to YouTube and the traditional ad budgets began to fall with this advent of video evolution.

It was expected that videos will account more than 60 percent traffic on mobile data by 2020 and 80 percent on we. Some millions of users are switched to online video streaming and some billions are watching the content in real time.

Video platforms and applications

With the growth of video viewing behavior and audience digital consumption rates, developers are busy in focusing the app market and different video platforms along with the supporting software. Different online video streaming applications like Meerkat, Periscope, and Blabs etc are at top trends on web and very soon there will be some more interesting developments in video in future too.

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