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ClipCall – Mobile Video Platform for any Local Contractor

ClipCall - Mobile Video Platform for any Local Contractor

number of mobile video platforms is developing day by day with new technology and smart solutions for various needs of people. These apps are helping the people to get their work done with one click. The ClipCall is also one such mobile video platform which is designed to find the services that are needed for your home at any time for free of cost.

The app was recently announced and it is compatible with both iOS and android platforms. The app can be called as a video home repair app which allows the users to record the video content on various household issues. It allows the users to chat with the licensed professionals who are near to the area.

Now a day’s communicating with the customer had turned critical to get the job done. So, the ClipCall is the best way to demonstrate the service related things that are need to them. The platform allows the users to know the job from the customers.

The app saves a lot of time by avoiding the unnecessary calls and also keeps your clients contacts and organizes the videos, calls, texts etc. the app also provides the quoting facility which helps the businesses to provide price quotes to their consumers. By using the Clipcall the payments were also accepted via mobile phones.

ClipCall can be downloaded from the app store which is available for free of cost. After signing up to the app, the users can invite the customers to join and fetch the services.

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