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CinemaSins Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad – YouTube Viral Video

Suicide Squad

Cinema sins recently uploaded the video everything wrong with the Suicide squad. In this, the mistakes of the movie will be discussed.

The guard who is watching the monitor for the security purpose he is eating some food while on duty.

In the beginning, showing pity about the devil and the most professional psychiatrist fell in love with the patient by giving a machine gun to him.

Joker let his girlfriend dance in the club and killing people of who comments on her, this makes no sense.
The batman is treating the lady who is going to kill him in a polite way and the military people will tear bag with a knife though they had big zip to open easily.

Alien enters to the elevator to attack Harley without any identification about her in moving the elevator.

The scene of eating will be taken for too many times which are very annoying and the enchanter has huge powers to kill anyone, but she waits to get her heart and she can’t even find the arrival of a death squad. Like this, we can find so many mistakes in this movie.

The cinema sins will update the movie mistakes of each movie, which is not known to the viewers.

This channel has 6,495,466+ subscribers and this video has 1,533,212+ views.

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