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Amazon Go – Most Advanced Shopping Technology – YouTube Trends

Amazon Go

Amazon is Americans Electronic Commerce Company founded in 5 to July 1994.

This company started 20 years ago still it’s world’s first internet based retailer company.

Now Amazon Introduced the World’s most advanced technology Amazon Go.

It’s machine learning ,computer vision, and artificial intelligence. Whenever you go for the shopping just go grab and go. No lines, no checkouts and no registers.

What is Amazon Go, exactly means use the amazon app to enter then put away the phone and do shopping. Grab whatever you want , pick anything you like it’s just automatically added to your cart, in case if you change your mind you put it back ,the technology will change your virtual card automatically. After finishing your shopping you just walk out of the store the latest technology will automatically generate e-bills in amazon account.

Amazon Go used computer vision,deep learning algorithms,center fusion its find in self-driving cars just walks out the technology.

In YouTube Platform this ad was published on 5th December 2016.

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