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Alien Covenant

Alien covenant is the sequel to Prometheus which had fulfilled the satisfaction of audience in 2012. Again, in the direction of Ridley Alien covenant coming into the theaters in May 2017. We can say that the viewers might have many expectations on this movie.

Unexpected experience by Troops:

  • In this movie, the Covenant troop will be assigned to move to the place, which is risky and wild to fight with the creepy and the most violent creatures.
  • Actually, they think it may be an unmarked wonderland, but everything happened in a contradictory way for what they expected.
  • In this trailer, we can see that people are being affected by some unidentified infection which leads to a death of the troop.
  • Moreover, the troops are used to fight against those undiscovered and wild creatures on that planet.
  • Finally, when they found that place is very dangerous and unsafe, then they start to move away from it by an explosion of blasts over there.
  • This shows the ultimate hard tasks that are going to be challenged by the Covenant troops.

  • We can say that the audience can get much entertainment that never experienced before by watching this trailer.

About 20th Century Fox:

  • This trailer uploaded by 20th Century Fox, which is the best film& animation channel in Hollywood.
  • It uploads all time best entertaining movies like Avatar, Aliens, X-men, Dead pool, Ice age and Planet of the Apes.
  • This channel has 1,705,138+ subscribers and 956,275,338+ viewers.
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