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Advanced Tricks to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Metadata is the information that surrounds your video (i.e. title, tags, and description). This informs YouTube’s algorithm of a video’s content. By choosing the right keywords for your metadata, you can increase the chances of your video being discovered. 


When uploading your video, you should put a title as enticing as possible. Your title will help users in deciding whether they should click on your video over another. For example, you can give it a title like “Easy Steps in Dragon Origami Making”. However, avoid titles that trick users into clicking your video.

Write an appealing description of your video. Make it as detailed as possible. Don’t forget to put the ‘keywords’ relevant to your video (e.g. origami making, dragon). Also include the link to your channel page, and a subscription link.

Tags are responsible in telling YouTube’s algorithm whether your video is relevant to a particular search query. It also helps a video to be discovered through any search engine. Basically, all the keywords you have used in the title and description should be inputted in the tags section. Also, you should add more relevant words or phrases (use quotes for phrases) that you want your video to be associated with. However, avoid using misleading tags. For example, you could use origami, paper-folding, “making a dragon in paper”, dragon, easy, steps, “dragon origami,” “how to make origami”, etc. If your video references some popular artists, event, or news, you might as well include the relevant keywords in your tags. Afterwards, you should consider how you order your tags in terms of importance. Remember, if you want a user to arrive at your video by searching a certain query, you must identify with the individual what certain ‘keywords’ will he/she type in the search box.


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