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$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake – Buzzfeed YouTube Trending Video

Buzzfeed YouTube Trending Video

BuzzFeed videos uploaded the show of season2 with Andrew, Steven and Adam on different recipes of cakes.

This can be very interesting task of tasting special cakes from the cost of $27 to $1,120 cakes.

In this, they visit Porto’s bakery to taste Milk n Berry’s cake which made with fresh berries, whipped cream and sponge cake with tres leches with the cost of $27.

They all three taste it and they make good compliment nice cake.

Then they move to Proof Bakery to eat Chocolate Espresso cake, which is with different layers of Devil’s food cake, milk chocolate cream and Espresso buttercream.

Andrew gives the words of that he never had this taste before.

Meanwhile, they discuss their favorite cakes and keep moving on the journey.

Finally, they move to Bottega Louie bakery and they will be served with Custom celebration cake made of funfetti cake, white chocolate butter cream, strawberry butter cream, vanilla bean butter cream and feeds.

It completely pretty cake which can be most preferable for parties to grab the attention of guests.

They say that the taste of this cake is delicious with candies and they said that it is the amazing cake that never seen before.

They announce the winner for this show is Porto’s bakery which cake looks very naturally with healthy fruits and for the cost of $27 it is worthy.

The BuzzFeed has 11,569,738+ subscribers and this video has 2,855,336+ views. Moreover, BuzzFeed will upload all the videos of funny and entertaining ones.

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