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20 Facts about YouTube Star PewDiePie

  1. PewDiePie is a multi millionaire aged 25 years got popular with his YouTube videos
  2. His real name is Felix Kjellberg
  3. Though he belongs to Swedish, his videos are in English language.
  4. At present, he is living in Brighton in U.K
  5. From2013 reports, he was ranked 2.6m from the revenue obtained from the YouTube partnership
  6. He started uploading the YouTube videos since 2010
  7. He started the videos with gaming content
  8. PewDiePie

  9. His fans used to call him as “bro” and he calls them as a “Bro Army”
  10. He has more than 39 million subscribers on YouTube
  11. 5.5 million Instagram users are following him
  12. He acquired more than 6 million Facebook likes.
  13. He made his mark as first generation award winning vlogger
  14. He achieved inaugural star count social star award for social show
  15. Also won teen choice award for best web gaming star.
  16. He loves dancing and majority of his videos also included with his dancing stills
  17. BROFIST is the trademark symbol
  18. He is now earning more than four million dollars per year
  19. He raised $631,000 to save the children as a charity
  20. He is also included in various other charitable activities which includes water, wild life etc.
  21. He is the leader of gaming media and he used to post videos while he is playing his own game
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