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20 Facts about Facebook Video Advertising

20 Facts about Facebook Video Advertising

  1. Facebook had kept a three month test on the group of users, before the launch of video ads
  2. Facebook had partnered with the Mindshare and Studio Summit media companies for the first set of video ads on its platform
  3. The Facebook ad expenditure in US had reached towards 36 billion
  4. More than two million advertisers actively going on the Facebook platform.
  5. More than 700 million users were visiting on the Facebook through mobile
  6. 20 Facts about Facebook Video Advertising

  7. More than 62 percent revenue was made from the mobile Facebook usage
  8. The cpm rates are lower if the ad was targeted on Facebook by the Customer audience
  9. More than 20 percent Fans like the business page if they are researching on a particular product online
  10. Facebook provides the open communication facility between the consumers and marketers
  11. More than 70 percent engagement of audience was noted on the Facebook platform in the first five hours itself.
  12. The posts which are included with the emoticons have greater engagement levels on the Facebook platform
  13. The posts with the emoticons have 34 percent high shares and 50 percent more likes
  14. The algorithm on the Facebook platform mainly targets the news feeds
  15. Facebook autoplay video ads are having the great engagement with the audience
  16. More than 69 percent monthly users are noted in US and Canada regions having a connectivity with local business
  17. The Facebook native videos are also having the better following just like autoplay video ads.
  18. It was revealed that more than 38 million active business pages are identified on the Facebook platforms which are also following the premium Facebook ads.
  19. The ad clicks on the Facebook platform have greatly increased over an year with more than 158 percent raise.
  20. The short posts on Facebook was receiving more than 60 percent of more engagement
  21. Friday is the most effective day for posting on Facebook and it was revealed that the afternoon hour was the best time.
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